Integrated Services from a Trusted, Reliable Partner. That’s Suburban.

At Suburban Integrated Facilities Resources, we provide more than 40 unique facilities services to 8 different vertical markets. These services range from general office cleaning and recycling services to specialized work in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. We also offer a full range of building and mechanical services, from construction and plumbing to supplemental maintenance staffing.

Our integrated offering delivers value by providing a single point of contact for virtually any facilities need. One phone call gives clients access to all of the services we offer and to an experienced, customer-focused team that understands how to bring these services together to create unique, effective solutions. The results for our clients are greater flexibility, increased operational efficiencies, and consistent, high-quality service from a single, trusted resource.

Whether it’s bathroom restoration, painting, and landscaping for a private school or equipment operation, power washing, and inspection preparation for a energy-from-waste plant, our full service, integrated approach allows us to deliver customers all of the services they need, anytime and anyplace.

We’re There, When and Where You Need Us

Our managers, technicians, cleaners, and staff are on call 24/7 and pride themselves on their ability to adapt to changing client needs and circumstances. With deep expertise and decades of experience in the field, they understand that unplanned events are simply part of the facilities business, and they have the flexibility to address these events quickly and efficiently. From last-minute labor staffing to an emergency flood response to large-scale store conversions, we bring our customers value and peace of mind by taking on even the most challenging tasks.

A Reputation for Safety, a Commitment to Sustainability

Our comprehensive safety program ensures the health and well being of clients and their customers, as well as compliance with safety-related regulatory requirements. Our entire team receives extensive screening and training, and our environmental health and safety manager makes certain that safety remains a priority at every level of the company. We’re committed to sustainable products and processes and serve as a valuable partner for companies working toward the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

History, Experience, and 100% Customer Focus

As a privately held company, we are singularly focused on meeting the needs of our clients. Our executive leadership team has more than 200 years of combined management experience, and many of our supervisors have been overseeing large-scale properties for more than a quarter century.

Since the company was founded, we’ve built our business on strong, long-lasting customer relationships. We see our clients as partners, and we collaborate with them to share ideas, address concerns, and develop the best, most effective integrated facilities solutions. Combining our knowledge and experience with a commitment to open, honest communication has made us a valued, trusted resource to our clients. It’s how we’ve done business since day one, and it’s how we’ll continue to move forward in an ever-changing industry.