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Ed Walsh, General Manager, Building Services

As General Manager for Suburban’s Building Services Division, Ed provides management oversight for all phases of our construction, maintenance and repair projects. Ed’s 25 years of experience is reflected in a wide range of successfully completed projects which include high end residential construction, office and mixed use commercial buildings, corporate expansions, industrial facilities, restaurants, theaters, schools, as well as a myriad of public work projects.  Ed understands that cost, quality, contract administration and safety are crucial to a successful project.  Known for innovative solutions and demanding schedules, Ed works hard to get things done.

What he likes best about his job:

That each day is filled with new and exciting challenges; challenges that eventually create something very tangible. Ed take’s pride in being able to drive by a facility and know that Suburban took part in creating it.

Off hours:

Ed enjoys boating, ice hockey, coaching, carpentry and spending time with his family.

In his own words:

“Regardless of project size or degree of complexity, Suburban’s fully integrated services satisfy the demands of function, budget and schedule. The company responds with proven methodology, a commitment to service, and an ethic of hard work.”