Green initiative, energy recovery systems, LEED consulting, and more

Sustainability requires a commitment to special tools, processes, and training. At Suburban, it is essential to our green initiative and plays a crucial role in our safety program, Safety First. We understand the latest trends and best practices, and are proud to use some of the industry's leading products and equipment.

Green Cleaning Initiative

Green cleaning practices can account for up to 40 percent of the points required for LEED-EB certification. To help our clients achieve this key milestone and ensure our commitment to Safety First, we developed our comprehensive green cleaning program. This initiative provides our clients with site-specific cleaning plans, guidance and support through on-site resources and expertly trained staff.

Green chemicals

We use Johnson Diversey RTU (Ready to use) Green Seal® chemical line as part of our green cleaning initiative. These systems are pre-set with proper dilution control valves to ensure all chemicals dispersed fall within EPA guidelines, providing safe green cleaning solutions for any account, large to small.

Our training process ensures all on-site staff are thoroughly educated on proper usage, procedures and protocols. In addition, every closet contains custom-made wall posters (in English and Spanish) explaining the proper usage and application of the installed green products. All systems are installed, monitored, and controlled by a Diversey field expert.


Our ProTeam vacuums use HEPA filtration to protect indoor air quality. They’re certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED Gold certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Microfiber cloths and mops:

Because they are reusable and highly efficient, microfiber cleaning cloths and mops reduce waste. All of our microfiber tools are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination from restrooms, and to keep indoor environments safe and healthy.

HVAC efficiency and environmental compliance

We design and install HVAC systems that boost efficiency, conserve resources, and ensure healthy indoor environments. By using digital switches and thermostats, as well as energy recovery and management systems, we help clients reduce environmental impact and energy costs.

LEED consulting and training

Our LEED-certified staff can provide your team with an in-depth understanding of sustainability certification and LEED program schedules and procedures.

Lighting efficiency

We retrofit entire facilities with high-efficiency lighting and technology that can dramatically reduce lighting energy use and costs. Our lighting services include:

• Fluorescent-to-fluorescent conversions
• LED conversions from:
– Incandescent
– Fluorescent
– High bay HID
– Exterior pole, flood, and building HID lighting