Suburban in the City – Our Impact in Providence

Suburban takes pride in playing an integral role in the upkeep of Historic Providence.  The RI Branch, led by Jim Navarro, has a strong presence with five dedicated teams, serving over 40 prominent clients within the downtown Providence city limits alone, performing a variety of facilities tasks; ranging from contract janitorial cleaning to re-striping parking lots.  They have been trusted to perform custom projects involving demolition and cleaning of sensitive environments; following all safety and compliance regulations as well as site-specific procedures.  But, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what Jim’s branch does.  The RI Branch played a critical role in the turnaround of the Stop & Shop conversion project, organizing the change-over of 68 stores in the NY and NJ area; a job well done – incredibly within 5 months!

Silvia Rodrigues has been the RI Office Manager for over 10 years. She knows firsthand how dedicated the staff in her branch are. “RI Ops is not a team, we are family and that is where our dedication comes from. We care, we listen, and we support each other. Everybody is part of every project and everyone’s input is vital for it to happen. I believe our relationship and commitment transpires and gives customers the reassurance that we can deliver as promised.”

The city inherently presents many challenges for facility managers.  With strong leadership, dedication to safety and ‘whatever it takes’ attitude, the Suburban name doesn’t hold them back from gaining urban clients, or solving big city needs.  No doubt, Providence is well taken care of by it’s Suburban “family”.

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