Safety First At Suburban

Throughout the month of May, organizations around the globe will participate in National Building Safety Month, including Suburban Integrated Facilities Resources.

However, Suburban’s focus on safety is not an annual event, Safety is a Part of Everything We Do, it is our way of operating.

At Suburban, we’ve created a culture of safety. Our commitment to safety touches all of our services, whether it’s minor facilities repairs, routine janitorial work, or heavy machinery operations inside power plants. This culture of safety manifests itself in our Safety First Program, which incorporates job site training, computer based training and on-site assessments with Tim Butler, Director of Compliance and Safety for Suburban.

What is the difference between a culture of safety and a safety program?

TIM: To us, a culture of safety is a way of operating. Our teams are constantly thinking about job site safety, their personal protective equipment and potential risks. Keeping safety first and top of mind is an expectation for job performance at Suburban. We named our program Safety First as a reminder of this expectation.


Tim Butler, Director of Compliance and Safety


How does the Safety First program differentiate Suburban from other companies?

TIM: As a facilities partner, we understand that the safety of our client’s people and building is critical to their business success. Operating a well-maintained building reduces risks, increases productivity and ensures compliance with federal, state, and local regulations; All of which help to reduce the client’s operating costs.

Our Safety First program addresses the many aspects of building and workplace safety. We offer training paths specific to each team member’s job function and work site. Suburban provides services for a variety of markets so the training for a team member working in a cleanroom is very different than someone working on HVAC construction. Tailoring the learning, the safety protocols and the building assessments for each client is a key part of the Safety First program. Additionally, we are well versed in the local, industry and state regulations as they pertain to the buildings we service. In turn, our clients feel confident in the Suburban team, knowing that we are working safely and maintaining their building properly.