Back to School: Suburban Creates Positive Environments

Suburban has a long history of delivering high-quality, cost-effective cleaning and building services to various school communities. We are proud to currently support 24 academic clients throughout New England and New York.  Our team understands that clean, well-maintained classrooms, cafeterias, and dormitories are vital to the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. Students and teachers spend approximately 1,300 hours in the classroom per year. Distractions such as smells, temperature, improper lighting, dust, debris and disrepair are preventable obstacles that can seriously hinder one’s ability to focus.  We firmly believe that comfort and cleanliness have a measurable impact on the learning environment.

Summer was no vacation from facilities maintenance. When the halls are empty during vacation breaks, custodial and facilities teams work together to perform their toughest jobs.  We work year-round supporting our academic clients by providing consistent care such as:

Cleaning | Painting | Landscaping | Plumbing

General Maintenance & Repairs   | Carpet Cleaning  | Window Washing

Recycling  | Floor Care  | Small Construction | Deep Cleaning | HVAC

Our project highlights include:

-Private school dormitory conversion to suite-style efficiencies.

-Ice rink project – repainting of center ice and lines

-Refinishing of gymnasium flooring

-Hydration Stations – installed wall mounted, water filtration systems for bottle filling

-Floor-to-Ceiling deep clean

For three decades, Suburban has been a trusted resource delivering “A+” support, keeping academic facilities and grounds looking their very best; creating a conducive environment for scholars and staff to achieve success.