A “Growing” Opportunity in HVAC

Since the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, investors have been buzzing with the prospect of a new agricultural movement which the industry has dubbed Cannabusiness; a highly competitive sector in the commercial real estate space.  Cannabis cultivation facilities and dispensaries are a progressive market with a lucrative trickle down effect fueling new technology in energy efficiency, building automation and security, transportation and safe product packaging.

Suburban’s Mechanical Design Services Division has been fortunate to play an important role in that growth; having served three out of the ten cultivation facilities slated to open in this state, which is more than any other HVAC contractor.

This spring, our mechanical team proudly completed a 22,000 sq ft. design/build of the HVAC system at a cultivation facility on the South Shore and have their third cannabis facility project underway.

With an even larger, 4th project in the pipeline, our team has accepted the challenge.  Each of the HVAC and building design requirements have been unique to the individual grower’s  specific cultivation techniques, in addition to the building structure. The sensitive climate of a cultivation facility is contingent upon a near perfect regulation of greenhouse humidification, temperature, canopy lighting, air flow and odor control.

While there are many customizations in making these state-of-the-art facilities, there is no true baseline of determining the best means of energy efficiency and operations.

Jim Fucile, Vice President of Mechanical Design Services, enjoys working with his clients to bring them integrated solutions tailored to their needs.  “I enjoy reviewing the needs of the grower and formulating the best HVAC system plan for their facility. Each one is unique; there is no benchmark. Our work is the most technical, the most challenging and bears the highest cost of all the other trades in the construction business.”

It is clear that the cannabusiness has set roots in Massachusetts.  Construction is underway for the largest cannabis cultivation facility in the United States; in the aptly named, Freetown, MA, located 50 miles south of Boston.

The Suburban team is excited at the prospects of this rapidly evolving industry and what the future holds for our Mechanical Design Services.