Industrial Services

Specialized industrial staffing and maintenance

Our industrial team provides services and expertise that keep manufacturing, industrial, and energy generation plants operating with maximum efficiency.

We have deep experience managing the complex schedules, processes, regulations, and systems common to industrial environments. We serve a wide range of facilities, including:
• Heavy manufacturing plants
• Production mills
• Metal fabrication plants
• Energy generation plants

Our in-house employees are specially trained and educated to handle the unique maintenance and support needs of sensitive industrial plant environments. From Maine to Virginia, our team provides everything from boiler cleaning and equipment operation to ash sampling and bag house operations.


Respond quickly, do it right

Whether it’s routine cleaning and maintenance or a sudden unplanned situation, we understand the need for quick, efficient response and deployment – but never at the expense of safety and quality.

Stay focused on your operations

In everything we do, we always stay focused on the ultimate goal: do all we can, both responsively and proactively, to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted operations of your facility.

Build a team you can trust

Whether you need regular staffing or on-call help at short notice, your Suburban team of specially trained and supervised full-time employees is ready to answer the call.


Representative Projects

  • Convanta Energy

  • Multiple locations

• Qualified equipment operation
• Sensitive environment cleaning
• Specialized labor staffing

  • Nova Data Testing

• Sensitive environment cleaning
• Specialized labor staffing
• Exterior maintenance