Cleanroom Services

Specialized cleaning and consulting

Our cleanroom services team provides specialized cleaning and consulting that helps ensure compliance and uninterrupted operations. We serve clients in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, high-technology, life sciences, and other markets with complex facilities needs.

Our highly trained cleanroom specialists work exclusively in controlled environments. And our management team has vast experience developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and compliance documentation, and conducting internal audits.


Train, train, and train again

We train our cleanroom specialists extensively in areas like gowning procedures, cleaning protocols, materials and chemical use, disinfection, airflow, and contamination. We’re onsite auditing their work and providing location-specific training to maximize their performance.

Embrace best practices

We keep on top of the latest advances in cleanroom maintenance through affiliations with leading health, training, and safety organizations.

They include:
• The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council,
• The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering,
• National Safety Council.

Keep your eye on the goal

Every member of our cleanroom team, from our technicians to our regulatory and documentation experts, understands the vital importance of documentation, compliance, and keeping you up and running, without interruption.


Representative Projects

  • Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

  • Tewksbury, MA

• cGMP Cleaning
• SOP Consultation
• Specialty waste handling