A Trusted Partner in Cleaning and Compliance

Cleaning biotech, life science, pharmaceutical, and high-tech facilities is specialized work that requires an intimate knowledge of disinfection, airflow, contamination, and other important issues. We serve as a valuable partner to our clients by bringing experience, knowledge, and high-quality service to our work in these controlled environments.

Cleaning, Consultation, and a Dedicated Team

Employee training is fundamental to our work. Our full-time, specialized employees receive instruction on dress code and gowning procedures, cleaning protocols, proper use of cleaning materials and chemicals, and contamination issues. They work exclusively in controlled environments, which means they are 100% focused on the issues unique to these spaces.

Our Compliance and Training Officer has developed an extensive training program for all new cleanroom hires. This training is supplemented with periodic internal quality assurance audits based on site-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Results of these audits are provided to clients and used for retraining purposes, enhancing the performance and safety of our employees.

We also provide assistance developing SOPs. Site-specific SOPs are crucial to ensuring safety and compliance, maintaining uninterrupted operations, and minimizing regulatory intervention, but preparing documentation is time consuming and complex. Our combination of cleanroom expertise and decades of experience in quality assurance and regulatory issues makes us an partner for customers developing SOPs, internal audits, audit reports, and other compliance documentation.

Learning from Industry Leaders

We benefit from our affiliation with organizations committed to health, training, and safety practices. These groups share ideas and best practices related to controlled environment cleaning, insights that we share with our clients. Our industry affiliations include: